Video: A Black Bear Broke into a Vancouver Backyard and Made the Most of a Summer Afternoon

An intruder broke into the home of a North Vancouver couple, took a dip in their pool, a soak in their hot tub, and then left through a self-made hole in the fence.

The culprit is described as being a large black male…bear.

On late Monday afternoon, Denise Diering looked out the backdoor of her home to see the bear standing at the edge of her swimming pool. It then slid in to cool off before climbing into the adjoining hot tub for a relaxing soak.

The whole thing lasted for about fifteen minutes before the bear departed through a hole it had knocked down in the fence.

Tony Diering told the CBC that he thinks the bear was a male, and that it had been tagged by wildlife officials.

Bear sightings aren’t rare in North Vancouver, though they are a concern, especially given the high volume of young kids in neighbourhoods like the Diering’s.

As for the bear, if he returns, we can’t really blame him – there are far worse places to spend a summer afternoon than the Dierings backyard.