A Romanian City Gave Free Bus Rides to Passengers Who Read a Book

A Romanian city has found a way to make public transportation more enticing.

For four days (June 4th to 7th), anyone who travelled on board a bus in Cluj-Napocawith and read a book rode free of charge.

The idea was to encourage more people to read on public transportation; to save the dying pastime of reading.

The initiative was the idea of Victor Miron, who fought for a year to make the idea a reality. But once the mayor posted the idea on his Facebook page, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

This is not the first time Miron has been involved in a reading-related cause. He’s behind the Facebook campaign “Books Over Faces,” which rewards readers who post profile photos of “book-selfies.” As you can guess, it involves snapping a shot where your face is hidden behind the book you’re currently reading. Facebook readers are then rewarded with things like discounts on everything from bookstores to hair salons and dental practices.

When it comes to the daily commute, we have to say we’d probably be more inclined to take transit if it meant that fellow passengers were nose-deep in a novel, minding their own business.

Then again, maybe not.