No More Surprises: Vacation Package Ads in Ontario Must Now Include Taxes and Fees

There are few worse First World problems than seeing a low-priced vacation package, practically packing your bags on the spot, then going to pay and realizing that the “deal” is out of your budget once you add taxes and fees.

Just like that, there go your dreams of sunsets, beachside mojitos, and a steamy vacation fling.

Come the New Year, however, your prospective all-inclusive vacation will come with no surprises in the fee department.

On January 1, Ontario is changing its rules for travel companies to require them to show the full price for vacation package ads, inclusive of all taxes and fees. The regulations apply to advertisements made by a registered travel agent or wholesaler.

Vacation package ads

As CBC reports, the government said the all-in pricing will not only reduce confusion and surprises (and subsequent frustration), it will encourage fair competition on the business side.

“People across Ontario can now research and buy their vacations and business travel with confidence,” said Ontario’s Minister of Government and Consumer Services Marie-France Lalonde in a news release.

More details about the plan will be released at a news conference today at Billy Bishop Airport. As of yet, it’s unknown as to what punishment will be dished to companies who break the rules.

Vacation package ads

In the meantime, federally regulated airlines in Canada already must follow this system when advertising flights that leave from Canadian airports (but that doesn’t stop them from getting you with the additional add-ons).

The government said that consultations about how to protect travellers will begin in February.

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