Toronto Bakery Giving Away Tickets for Record $1.3 Billion US Powerball Draw

For those interested in getting their hands on some last minute Powerball tickets, but don’t have time to cross the border, you’re in luck – a local bakery currently has some tickets up for grabs.

World Class Bakery on St. Clair West has joined in on the Powerball hype and currently has 300 tickets for the $1.3 billion draw available for customers who spend $20 or more in the bakery. Talk about a pretty sweet deal.

For those willing to risk the odds, the next Powerball draw will take place tomorow, January 13th. So if  you want a chance at the prize money, you better make your way to the bakery fast.

When the Toronto Sun asked World Class Bakery operator Lisa Guluzian why they were giving away tickets, she replied with, “It’s just to cheer people up.”

“We’re in a recession, let’s forget about it for awhile,” Guluzian said of the giveaway.

Canadians are allowed to participate in the fun, but if a Canadian does win, all prize winnings will still be taxed. Still, given the state of our loonie right now, you’d still be picking up about a BILLION Canadian dollars after taxes…