This Website Shows You What it’s Like to Have Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of those conditions that seems impossible for most people to even pretend to understand.

Now, to offer a little help, a new website features an approximation of dyslexic reading that demonstrates the daily challenge faced by people with dyslexia.

Created by developer Victor Widell and based on his dyslexic friend’s description, it uses JavaScript to create the effect, with letters that jump around and force you to focus on each word to make sense of what you’re reading. You can’t skim over the text the way that most of us are used to doing. As a result, it’s quite frustrating and can inspire a mild headache.


The source code is available, so the effect can be tested out on other websites or apps.

Although dyslexia comes in a variety of forms beyond the scope of representation on the website, it definitely drives home the point that something like sending a text message, reading a sign at the airport, or filling out a membership form can be a struggle for some. This is just one example of a growing movement to offer more accessible insight to the challenges others face. As you may recall, for example, a few months back Grey Australia created ‘The MS Bike‘ to demonstrate what it was like living with MS.

The more we can understand the struggles of others, the more compassionate and aware we become. And these days, we pretty much need all the compassion we can get.