This is the Most Elite Travellers Club in the World

Most members-only clubs can be permeated with a combination of slick words and name drops. And/or a bag of cash.

Not the Travelers’ Century Club (TCC), however, which has perhaps the strictest prerequisite for membership of any such society in the world: members have to have visited at least 100 countries to join its ranks.

To make their club a little more accessible, the TCC has identified 324 eligible destinations – territories they define as geographically or politically distinct, including Prince Edward Island and Alaska – that you can check off to reach your quota. Members can also layover destinations as official visits, and Sicily is considered separate from Italy.

Once you’re a member, the incentive to travel doesn’t stop either. Visiting 150 countires grants you silver status, 200 is gold, 250 is platinum, and 300 is diamond. Fifteen of the club’s over 2100 members have visited all 324 destinations.

So, what’s the point of all this? TCC members are privy to exclusive meetings, presentations and seminars, organized trips, and activities across 21 TCC chapters worldwide, including Toronto and Calgary. We imagine prestige is also a major motivator.

If this sounds appealing and you’ve visited more than 100 locations, you can apply for membership here. If you haven’t reached that threshold, you can still apply, because there doesn’t appear to be any verification required.

Or you can continue to globetrot without the fancy membership card and pin. Just don’t forget to put a Canadian flag on your backpack, obviously.