Michael Moore Debut’s Latest Film at TIFF to Strong Reviews

Michael Moore showcased his latest film yesterday at the Toronto International Film Fest, the first production by the controversial filmmaker since Capitalism: A Love Story over half a decade ago.

Focusing on the United States’ perpetual state of war, Moore chose a fitting time to premiere Where to Invade Next – just one day before September 11. It was shot entirely beyond the borders of the United States and was kept secret for the majority of its production.

The film explores the ongoing necessity to invade other countries to sustain America’s economy and power structure. It also dives into the systematic effort of the U.S. government to deny an entire population education that would probably urge most rational people to stop and say, “what the hell are we doing this for?”

“You start with ignorance, which leads to fear, which leads to hate, which leads to violence. But you gotta get the ignorant part down, you gotta keep the public ignorant, and that way you can tell them that Iran’s the new thing that’s gonna kill you,” Moore said in a recent interview with VICE.

Since the release of Capitalism: A Love Story in 2009, Moore has come to a realization that allows his current work to take on more of a mocking voice, as opposed to a critical one – that the American Dream is already dead, along with the spirit that once defined the United States.

“I think that people give up before they try. And they give up because they have enough examples of when you do protest, nothing happens,” Moore says.

Where to Invade Next is filled with plenty of on-point commentary, but Moore’s new f*ck it approach also offers room for some light-hearted laughs as he trots the globe with an American flag he can’t wait to plant on foreign soil.

The Star has already given it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars, calling it “playful, provocative and inspiring.”

Check out the trailer below: