#TheUpsideNow: Don’t Stop

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You’ve come so far. Don’t stop.

You’re fairly intelligent, right? So, why would you stop now, if you have made any attempt at realizing your vision and going after what you want? You’ve more than likely already struggled and pushed through some level of adversity, right? You’ve already suffered. Why give up now?

You’ve already taken a pay cut.

You’ve already faced competition right in the eyes and not weakened. You’ve squared off with the prospect of defeat and won the round. But the match isn’t over yet.

You’ve stood tall and said, “I will make this happen, no matter what. And I will keep my chin up.”

You’ve worked late. You’ve woken early. You’ve missed parties. You’ve missed trips. You’ve missed seeing your friends for drinks. You’re on the right track…

You haven’t given your partner the time he/she wants. You haven’t gone on dates. At times, you’re feeling lonely. Keep going…

You haven’t read that book you want to read. You didn’t get to the gym nearly as much as you wanted to. You worked ALL weekend. If you stopped now, that would be foolish. It would be a huge waste of all of your efforts – don’t stop.

You’ve suffered. In some capacity you have suffered. Why would you ever stop now? Think about it.

DON’T STOP. Don’t.

Too many people start working toward their goal and whether they quit one month, three months, six months, or two years in to it, they stop. Why? One way or another, you’ve endured some level of pain. Why would you stop now?

See what I’m getting at?

You may as well keep going, ladies and gents. Think about it logically: you’ve already paid part of the price of realizing your dreams and goals, therefore you’re only getting closer to them.

You’ve endured the hardship that those who walk the road less traveled encounter. Keep going.

The days when I work 16 hours and ask myself “why?” I quickly remind myself that I’ve come this far; if I stopped now it would make no sense. You know what I say to myself next?


I hope you enjoyed this week’s #TheUpsideNow. I’d love to get a dialogue going with YOU and all of my readers of this column. Comment below on a time where you haven’t stopped. I’d love to hear about it and so would our other readers. Feel free to follow me on twitter @JulianBrass.

Cheers and stay notable,
Julian Brass
Founder & Publisher, Notable.ca