These Are the Images People are Sharing to Show Support for Belgium

It didn’t take long for a cartoon symbol to emerge to show support for Belgium in the wake of this morning’s terror attacks in Brussels.

You may have already seen the image of a crying Tin-Tin, the character created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter feed, accompanied by the hashtag #JeSuisBruxelles. People are also sharing images of an exploding heart in Belgium’s flag colours, two holding hands in the flag’s colours, and an image that shows the flag of France as a crying person, comforting a fellow crying flag of Belgium.




The emergence of cartoons – and the sharing of them on social media – has become an increasingly common means to show support for the victims and cities affected by terror attacks. Of course, just four months ago, many of us shared the now famous graphic of the Eiffel Tower peace sign.

As the heart wrenching and disturbing images and footage flood in this morning, these images offers a sense of solidarity in this devastating and all-too-familiar situation.