IKEA Will Release a Hydroponic Indoor Garden That Can Grow Food Year-Round

IKEA is set to give indoor gardening the mass market touch.

The renowned Swedish cafeteria, purveyor of jigsaw furniture, and Kanye-inspirer will unveil an indoor gardening series next month that includes a pretty sleek countertop inomhus trädgård – or ‘indoor garden’, for those who don’t speak IKEA.

The series will actually be called KRYDDA/VÄXER and was developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists. It runs on a hydroponic system, which is great news for anyone whose capacity to keep things alive starts and ends with cacti. The only thing you’ll need to remember is to keep an eye on its water levels.

Once your plants have grown to a desirable size in the incubator’s foam plugs, you can transfer them into pots to be arranged in a growing tray, which is equipped with a solar lamp, for continued thriving.