The Inside Scoop on the Synthesis Art Show Happening Tonight

This is one of our favourite buildings in the city.

The former Bank of Montreal heritage building on Main Street already converts into a Cafe, denim agency, and event space, but tonight – from 6pm to 11pm – it’s going to become an ultra chill art gallery featuring local talents Caliden and Liz Rosa.

Whether or not you’ve already heard what these artists are up to individually, you’ll be blown away from their natural connectivity as first time partners.

Both highly visual artists, the pair decided to connect for a collaborative show. Synthesis will be Caliden’s last installment before taking off on a trip to Bali while for Liz, this will be the first time she exhibits her work to the public. Caliden’s works with paint, often incorporating mixed mediums that lead to are edgy visuals. Liz, on the other hand, is an established photographer, capturing the essence of her subjects in still shots.

The common denominator between the two artists: gorgeous women.

Synthesis will showcase new works from both artists as well as a special selection of pieces they’ve trusted each other to collaborate on, adding their own special touch to the other’s work.

And while the art show is free to attend for anyone wanting to view their mutual appreciation of making beautiful things, their artwork will be up for grabs  – but for tonight only.

Synthesis, though not officially promoted, is getting a lot of hype.

It’s a little New York in Vancouver tonight. Enjoy. 


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