The Designers at LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oreal: Part II

Alright Notables, it’s time for the second part to your guide for LG Fashion Week Beauty by L’Oreal. There are quite a few more notable designers to jot down, and readying yourself for the week of Canadian fashion will be a breeze. Click here to check out Part I of The Designers at LG Fashion Week.

Adrian Wu
Only 21 years old, he started to sew at 18 and has been caught up in fashion since. Starting his own design company, working as a correspondent for MuchMusic, and being published in Style Diaries is only the short list of his accomplishments to date.

Arthur Mendonca
Already having a Toronto-based namesake brand launched in 2005, he has an impressive celebrity following of stars like Nelly Furtado, Paris Hilton and Rihanna. Mendonca’s collection has also been featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Fashion and Elle.

Cassie Dee
Started as an entry-level pattern-maker before launching her own line in 2010, she produces her attire strictly in Canada and features a bold, modern way of dressing that can be broken down into individual pieces, separate from their counterparts, creating a long lasting wardrobe.

Chloe Comme Parris
A fashion and accessories brand based out of Toronto, products were originally targeted to draw from a passion of the unique, luxurious and engaging. Sisters Chloe and Parris have created a seasonal line that presents a new look on contemporary fashion.

Denis Gagnon
Creating a brand available at Holt Renfrew, Gagnon’s line of glam rock and mysterious attire uses silks and leathers to impose beautiful textures into his clothing. His vision continues to grow, opening a boutique in Montreal earlier this year.

Joeffer Caoc
One of Canada’s leading fashion designers, Caoc graduated from Ryerson and launched his first label shortly after. Born in the Philippines, his unique style is known for a modern, intelligent and sexy design, popular in his eveningwear and beautiful gowns, available in specialty stores across North America.

Ken Chow, a Toronto native, began his line in 2004 and it is available at specialty department stores and upscale boutiques in North America and Asia. Dominantly in the men’s market, Chow reinterprets the classic waxed cotton and leather carry-all and reintroduces it to modern fashion.

Lala Berlin
Designer Leyla Piedasyesh creates clothing that helps women’s style emerge in a soft, modern way. Lala embodies the city’s cool elegance, paired with gritty rock and roll, infused into eveningwear. Considered a sexy and raw line, Lala is a go-to brand for a cool, feminine look.

Melissa Nepton
Specializing in ready-to-wear couture, Nepton vision reflects women’s lives in a positive way, bringing a sense of sensuality, comfort and femininity to the catwalk with confidence. Nepton was featured on TV’s La Collection, Quebec’s version of Project Runway.

Sid Neigum
A Canadian-born, New York-based designer that experiments with silhouettes, shapes, ideas and feelings through fashion. His brand, d’etre, was created to challenge convention and question tradition. His vision is inspired by avant-garde culture and maintains a dark aesthetic.

Tosca Delfino
After spending 10 years in the fashion industry, she launched her own line of luxury women’s swimwear. Her aesthetics are often described as a colourful combination of tribal-indie-chic that recreates vintage concepts. She has also been featured on Fashion Television and published in magazines across Canada and Europe.

Inspired by working in denim factories in Italy, Adam Taubenfligel is a self-taught visionary who works closely with his brother and sister (hence, the ‘tri’) to pay tribute to old world denim, while reinventing it for today. The brand suggests speed, style, and grace that you can wear anywhere.