What’ya Tweetin’ ‘Bout? “Notable” Tweets of the Week, September 30th

It’s Friday, and if you’re like us, a little nonsensical reading is sure to brighten your last few hours in the office before the grandiose weekend. So, here are a few “Notable” tweets to end your week with…

@Raubrey says… “Notable film releases this Friday are The Debt, Red State & Melancholia. All three look well worth watching to me.”
We say… Don’t forget about 50/50! Got great reviews at TIFF and features that dude from 3rd Rock From the Sun and Jonah Hill’s doppelganger.

@chichiMUYbonita says… “The end of the year is near! What notable things have you added to your resume?!”
We say… Does expanding our twitter empire count? How about dropping the TV and relaunching as just Notable.ca?

@ferialhaffajee says… “Barring a few notable examples, the media’s loudest and most dangerous critics are failed journalists, editors or media owners”
We say… Don’t forget socialites and politicians…come to think of it, aren’t they one in the same…?

@tobythepig says… “A brief account of some of the more notable instances of Pigs in Song … http://pygnovel.blogspot.com/2011/09/pigs-in-song.html
We say… Let’s be honest, here. The most notable thing the pig has ever done is bacon…and making it to the city. (Please say you get that reference.)

@EinsteinBOT says… “I maintained that cosmic religiousness is the strongest and most notable driving force of scientific research.”
We say… We say it’s the hope that one day fame and recognition for advancements in scientific knowledge will grant you BOT-worthy status on Twitter.

@emmielouli says… “(The University of East London) had 80% of graduates in jobs or further study. Which I would say is much more notable achievement!”
We say… Take that Bob’s Upstairs College of Philosophy!

@HoopPlusTheHarm says… “From the two high schools I went to, the most notable alumni are Cassie Steele and Craig Kielberger. Not sure if I should be ashamed.”
We say… Cassie Steele is one of the few reasons Degrassi did as well as it did! And Kielberger, well, you can’t get more notable than him. And after a little research, Jim Carrey went there, too! What you were once ashamed of just became the coolest thing about you. You’re welcome.