The British Library is Asking the Public to Help Decode a Hidden Message

You watched The Da Vinci Code and thought you were one step ahead of Tom Hanks the whole way.

If anyone saw you slay the Sunday morning crossword you would instantly be crowned the smartest person in the room. In every room.

You, in fact, consider yourself to be a mystery wrapped inside of an enigma.

Well, this, dear idiot (savant), is your moment.

The British Museum has a sword they believe is from the 13th century (aka Magna Carta time) that was found in the River Witham, Lincolnshire, in July 1825. And someone took the time to inlay an inscription in gold (something not too uncommon in those days… apparently putting a personal touch on your weapon of choice was all the rage back then).

Only no one seems to know what the inscription means, and history buffs want to know if you can crack the code. From the British Library:

“It has been speculated that this is a religious invocation, since the language is unknown. Can you have a go at trying to decipher it for us? Here’s what the inscription seems to read…”


For more clues and explanations as to what the letters could mean, check out the full breakdown from the British Library here.

Good luck, John Nash – now is your time to shine.