The Best of the Best with Beefeater

Being the best at anything is a big deal.

But when you’re the best in the country at making a cocktail, you’ve moved into the realm of HUGE.

So when we found out that Beefeater MIXLDN Regional Competitions were taking place across Canada this September – think: eight elite mixologists representing British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario with some of best Beefeater drinks you’ll ever taste – we knew we needed to get to know the finalists a little more.

From how they started behind the bar, to what drink they’d most like to enjoy in London, we found out what the superstars of Canadian cocktails have to say for themselves. And if you thought you had preferences, wait until you learn how each of them describe the “perfect order”.

The winner of the Beefeater MIXLDN National Competition will head to the home of Beefeater Gin in London, England to compete in the Beefeater MIXLDN Global Bartender Competition.

But we wouldn’t dream of letting anyone head across the pond without you.


Which is why you can enter to win a trip for two to London that includes a VIP tour of the Beefeater distillery.

So consider our upcoming bartender profiles your new homework. After all, you can’t very well be a VIP if you don’t learn how to make the perfect Beefeater cocktail…



Photo Credit: Vito Amati / 

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