Tesla’s Amazing In Home Solar Battery Pack is Coming to Canada Early 2016

Like most people, we were pretty excited about the announcement of Tesla’s in-home battery pack, Powerwall.

The sleek, wall-mountain lithium ion unit is, as Tesla CEO boasts, “a step toward getting homeowners completely off the electricity grid by allowing them to generate and store their own power.” The battery charges itself from solar panels and allows homeowners to use the built-up energy to power their homes when the sun isn’t shining. It’s also useful as an emergency backup during power outages and time-shifting, which essentially lets people buy electricity during cheap periods of the day and use Powerwall at times when it’s expensive. 

But as is usually the case with everything latest and greatest, we had to wonder: When is it coming to Canada? 

Well, thanks to former Home Depot boss Annette Verschuren, who currently runs energy storage company NRStor Inc., we can see Powerwall distributed in Canada as soon as early 2016. 

The units weigh 100 kilograms and are available in two models: 10 kWh ($3,500 USD) and 7 kWh ($3,000). Verschuren will also distribute Tesla’s commercial-scale Powerpack, a beefed-up version of the at-home battery for facilities that require more juice. 

This whole living off the grid thing seems to be catching on…


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