Terra Breads’ Fourth Location

This weekend, Terra Breads – one of Vancouver’s most successful, independent bakeries – is opening its fourth location and first licensed Cafe. Located in the Village on False Creek (at 1605 Manitoba Street), the new spot has been home to the Olympic Athletes’ Village during the Winter Games, and is one of Vancouver’s fastest growing communities.

Terra Breads owner Michael Lansky believes that bread is at the very heart of a meal, and uses a back-to-basics baking method, allowing the bread to rise for three days, using only organic starters. Lansky believes that using natural rising methods transforms the flours and grains into flavourful bread with a beautiful crust and moist interior crumbs (commence drooling).

Terra Breads’ new Cafe concept is offering an all-day menu that includes breakfast, lunch and, for the first time, dinner as well. They have expanded their menu options that now include a wide range of choices from pizza and sandwiches to steak and salmon. But that doesn’t mean they still don’t have their classic pastries, soups and salads that put them on the map (sigh of relief).

Set right on the waterfront with gorgeous views of the North Shore Mountains, their modern, bright colours fill the room and a year-round patio surrounds the Cafe. And with autumn officially here, there’s nothing better than enjoying the last of the nice weather outdoors with a warm cup of joe and heaters on the patio…just in case.

Important to Terra Breads Cafe is their sense of community. Starting with their original artisan methods 18 years ago, they continue to expand while choosing destinations where they will be able to use local, natural ingredients in all of their products and provide a perfect destination for customers to gather as neighbours.

Opening their doors this Saturday, September 24th and commencing regular hours on the 26th, the Village on False Creek-situated Cafe seems like a good place to start, take a break, or end this weekend.