#TBT #YYC: A Look Back at the Calgary That Was

If you’re like most young professionals in Calgary, you chose Calgary. It didn’t choose you. So unlike some of your coworkers whose age teeters around that of your parents, you might not be familiar with what dominated the skyline before the Bow Building and that weird ski jump on the way to Banff.

And even if you’re one of the few who can tell the tale of a Stanley Cup run or two, you might get a little teary with our glimpse into what preceded the condos along McLeod Trail and demise of McMahon Stadium…

The Calgary Tower, 1968
Calgary’s answer to the CN Tower. We bet they thought people would actually go up there when they were building this.

The East Village
The revitalization of this neighborhood has been a long time coming. And from the looks of this, we mean a long time.

Stephen Harper Graduates from the University of Calgary, Circa 1991
Before the king took his throne. Imagine being at The Den and seeing this on Tinder?

The Red Mile 2004
Back when Melrose was still around (and still an acceptable drinking establishment), and more importantly, back when The Flames used to make the playoffs.

The Centre Street Bridge, 1943
The bridge that now takes you to the most delicious meals of the Asian variety anywhere in the city, no matter which direction you’re heading from, used to look like this.

The Calgary Stampede Parade, 1923
There’s no William Shatner to be found here. This is 1923, when the Stampede was actually about horses.

The ‘88 Winter Olympics
The few residents of Calgary that were actually in Alberta in the ‘80s might actually remember the history that was made here.

This is what today’s view of the Saddledome from the banks of the Elbow River looked like in 1885…
If only that farmer knew what kind of debauchery awaited his precious land…

Central School
It’s not unlikely that you walk by this building on your way to work and recognize it as one of the more historical buildings in downtown Calgary. Though it hasn’t changed much, this is still a really cool old shot from 1905, when it operated as “The Normal School,” a training centre for new teachers.

Southcentre Mall
What’s now home to a massive Crate and Barrel was once really, really ‘80s.

Hockey Night in Calgary, 1940
Before The Flames, there were… The Stampeders? Really, guys? Could we really not come up with anything new?

Banff Springs Hotel, 1902
If you think you’re getting romantic solitude now for $400 a night, imagine what it would have been like then…


Cover photo from: www.canadiangeographic.ca

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