Tastes of Market Street: Six and a Half New Toronto Restaurants

It’s officially patio season.

And guess what? We’ve got 6 and a half new restaurants for you to check out.

In honour of the late visionary developer, the new pedestrian Market Street strip has officially been named Paul Oberman Walk and the opening of these restaurants offers a refreshing facelift to the well-known historic area of the St. Lawrence Market.

Tastes of Market Street offer more than just patios, though. The food ranges drastically from place to place, allowing your taste buds a week’s worth of experience within a few hundred metres.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The modern essence of the restaurant goes beyond its interior design and, as the restaurant states, extends to the food by offering a fresh approach to traditional Indian dishes. Serving everything from traditional Indian fare such as Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala to innovative dishes like Tandoori Lobster and Vegetable Korma cooked in a creamy cashew sauce, this family-run bistro provides a relaxing setting and a family-friendly atmosphere.

Cool fact: Bindia was names after owner Mike Kapil’s daughter while its interior walls were inspired by his wife’s blue sari.

Market Street Catch
The owner’s passion for seafood is readily apparent in the menu options. Owner Tom Antonarakis describes the restaurant as ideal for foodies looking for a quick bite or take-out. The building stands in the same location as the Old Fish Market, which closed in 2006.

Cool fact: Lobster rolls. Enough said.

The variety offered through its focus on tapas suggests an ideal setting for shared meals among friends and family though Barsa Taberna attempts to reflect Toronto’s multicultural diversity within the flavours of its menu. You’ll see this blend of Spanish roots and local commitment in the Barcelona tapas mixed with fresh fish from the St. Lawrence Market.

Cool fact: Sangria’s available in three options: red, white, and cava. 

The fresh, Italian flavours accompanied by the restaurant’s charming interior provide an enticing offer. Beyond its food, Pastizza’s exclusive wine list has a large collection to choose from, much of it coming from co-owner Thomas Baker’s winery in Sonoma, California. The 5,000-square-foot Italian eatery will be the last of Market Street’s new restaurants to officially open when it does so next month.

Cool fact: Beyond a dedication to comfort food, a 30-foot-tall wine chandelier will probably catch your attention.

Evolution Food Co.
Evolution Food Co. is the healthiest option on the strip, offering smoothies, salads, and hotboxes for a nutritious alternative to many other downtown eateries. The dressings and meat options are handcrafted in-house and allow a quick healthy bite for anyone closeby.

Cool fact: Where else can you find a fresh Greek yogurt bar?

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters
They’ve already proven themselves a success throughout the GTA – so why not here too? Balzac’s even offers an alternative to coffee: a Hot Citro Booster (fresh lemon and ginger juice, maple syrup, turmeric and cayenne), which sounds like it could be giving caffeine junkies something to think about.  

Cool fact: This is how you get to Paris in Toronto.

Olive & Olives

As a specialty olive oil shop, it’s clear extra virgin olive oil is the focus; however, Olive & Olives has a range of other products, such as tapenades and vinegars. As Toronto’s second location, Market Street’s Olive & Olives customers can gain knowledge of the differences between olive oils all while enjoying quality products primarily from Spain.

Cool fact: You get to taste the oils and vinegars before you buy. 


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Image credits: Sam Santos, George Pimental Photography