Christmas Dinner

How to  Have a Green Christmas

How to Have a Green Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and wasteful! Last year Canadians sent 2.6 billion Christmas cards, used six million roles of tape and threw out 540,000 tonnes (100,000 elephants worth) of wrapping paper and gift bags. All the unwanted presents, uneaten...
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How Not to Ruin Christmas Dinner

Many of us love the holiday season and hold a special place in our hearts for Christmas dinners. They’re a time for joy and merriment. A rare time to sit back, take a load off, and add a few guilt-free notches to your belt. So this post has a simple message: try not to ruin it for everybody
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Where to Dine in YVR on Christmas Day

Though most businesses will undoubtedly be closed on December 25th, there are still some spots offering up some respite to YPs looking for a little festive change of scenery. We’ve found a few that fit the bill and offer an escape from both the kitchen and the in-laws
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Montreal's Best Places for a Holiday Dinner

Depending on your circle, you may end up being alone in your apartment watching three seasons of Gossip Girl, or going out every night looking for mistletoes and open bar parties. For something in between, we have a few suggestions
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Christmas Dinner Catering – One Less Holiday Hassle

Of all the many things to stress about during the busy holiday season, there aren't many that can be omitted from your list. Luckily, the festive Christmas dinner is one. Sort of. Check out our recommendations for caterers in Toronto who are more than prepared to help you out in the kitchen
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