Summer Mixology In Session: The Perfect Weekend Rum Cocktails

Let’s face it, summers in Toronto are often incredible… but admittedly fleeting.

As soon as the temperature creeps into higher double digits, it’s our Canadian honourable duty to throw on some shorts and head out to the closest patio or dock with a cold drink in hand, to soak up the summer season while we can. And what is the best way to do this? With easy to make, signature rum cocktails offering complex and delectable summer flavours.

rum-summer-cocktailsWe’ve spent some time with Gilberto Briceño, Diplomático Rum’s Master Blender, to get the breakdown of his favourite, refreshing cocktail recipes that you can recreate each and every weekend. Gilberto isn’t just any Master Blender, either. A native of Venezuela with over 30 years of experience in the world of wine and spirits, he has more than earned his highly regarded reputation as he continuously cultivates his passion for great cocktails. 

Diplomático rum offers a rich range of products, with rums for every consumption occasion and for every type of consumer. Whether you’re an avid rum drinker or have only tried out the occasional frozen daiquiri, these rums can be enjoyed both by people just discovering the premium rum category, and rum aficionados (yes, even those with the most demanding palates). In fact, rum is actually considered one of the most versatile spirits for summer cocktails. So what do you say, are you ready to up your mixologist game this summer?

After all, time flies when you’re having rum.

  1. rum-summer-cocktailsMai-Tai:

This fruity and refreshing cocktail is not only best served for a summer weekend on the patio, but can be enjoyed all year round. Diplomático Mantuano adds a sweet touch to this classic rum cocktail.

45 ml Diplomático Mantuano
15 ml Orange Liquor
25 ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
25 ml Sugar syrup
1 dash Angostura bitter
Top up with pineapple juice

 rum-summer-cocktailsOld Fashioned:

Whether sitting around the table after a barbecue with friends, or enjoying a toasty campfire, this classic twist with Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva will surely be enjoyed by everyone!

50 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva
5 ml Sugar syrup
3 large dashes of Angostura bitter’s

Bartender Tip: Muddle the sugar and bitters together before adding the rum, then add ice and gentle stir before adding a garnish of your choice.


Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva’s smooth and rich textured rum, will have any rum connoisseur savouring their taste buds. Perfect for an after dinner sip with dessert or cigars.

60 ml Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva (because there is beauty in simplicity)