Brunch So Hard: Navigating Your Toronto Brunch Options

Listen, we accept the brunch we think we deserve and in Toronto, brunch is a very real (and very treasured) Sunday tradition.

What better way to repent the sins of your Saturday night than squeezing into a booth at your favourite local spot with friends to divulge in blurry memories over some Eggs Benedict and maybe a mimosa (or two)?

Of course, in a city like ours, we aren’t exactly hurting for options in the restaurant department. If anything, the barrage of viable options can actually be a little overwhelming as we try to narrow down the best brunch spot for our maybe haggard, definitely hungry crew. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best brunch spots based on specific criteria, so you can turn down for the exact brunch you’re looking for, every weekend.

brunch-torontoLooking For: Bottomless Mimosas

Mimosas are the socially acceptable way to start partying at breakfast. But, they can also result in a serious spike to the price of your bill when brunch is all said and done. To avoid the alcohol-induced hit to your wallet, check out Macho Radio Bar over on Fort York Blvd. Boasting arcade and pinball games and a large patio, this festive spot serves Tex-Mex grub, killer cocktails and a serious weekend brunch menu that includes bottomless mimosas. Choose a brunch item and enjoy a mix and match selection of bottomless mimosas for just $32.

After all, what is brunch without mimosas? We think it’s just a sad late lunch.

brunch-torontoLooking For: Classic Brunch With a Twist

Okay, so you’re a self-proclaimed Brunch aficionado and you’ve grown bored of the traditional staples that can be found on every menu in the city… so you’re looking for something a little different.

For an (insanely Instagram-able and charming) hipster flair and delicious twists on your favourite breakfast options, check out Smith Restaurant and Bar on Church street. Described as a chic and comfortable French restaurant with a brunch menu, creative cocktails and unique style, Smith offers a to-die-for Eggs Benedict with potato leak sauce instead of hollandaise, and some insane banana bread french toast (just to name a couple favourites). I’m not kidding, I’ve made this place a birthday brunch tradition for the past 3 years (and multiple other weekends) because their take on the classic Eggs Benedict pretty much changed my life. Be warned though, Smith is a popular Sunday hot-spot, so it requires a little bit of pre-planning/strategic timing if you want to skip the line.

brunch-torontoLooking For: Budget Brunch

Unique, retro style diner decor, cash only, house-made ketchup, famous home fries and friendly service, this is what Torontonians have come to expect from the budget-friendly local gem, Auntie’s and Uncle’s.

With most of the menu items coming in at under $10, you can expect a generous helping of delicious and reasonable brunch fare. The (only) downside? This College Street spot has built up quite a reputation throughout the city, which means you can expect a long wait on weekends (but patrons all contest that it is well worth the wait).

brunch-torontoLooking For: Homemade Goodness, Just Not Actually At Home

You want it like Grandma would make it, only Grandma doesn’t live in Toronto and probably wouldn’t approve of your potentially hungover condition on a Sunday afternoon. The solution? Mildred’s Temple Kitchen in Liberty Village. While a slightly pricier option with a bit of a wait on weekends, it’s relentless popularity within the Toronto community speaks to the appeal of it’s ‘homemade with a gourmet twist’ approach to your favourite food.

Cut into Mildred’s famous, heavenly Blueberry Buttermilk pancakes (they’re literally rated Toronto’s fluffiest pancakes), buttermilk biscuits or the highly regarded Veda’s Choice while you sit nestled in the bright, modern decor surrounded by floor to ceiling windows (and likely seated near some beautiful Liberty Village locals).

brunch-torontoLooking For: The Ultimate Sunday Cheat Meal

Calories don’t count on Sundays, right? For those of you looking to brunch hard, with all the carbs and deep fried items you can stab your forks into, look no further than School Bakery and Cafe.

With items like the Super Cheesy Bacon French Toast, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles, Cinnamon Sugar Pecan Pancakes and Chocolate Croissant French Toast, you know you’re in for a treat (and maybe some disappointed words from your personal trainer come Monday).

brunch-torontoLooking For: Waffles… and more Waffles

Screw the traditional eggs benny, french toast or pancakes, you are interested in one thing and one thing only: The best brunch waffles Toronto has to offer.

Starving Artist has managed to put a waffle twist on everything, literally. Sandwiches, bennies and desserts all in waffle form (with Vegan options too) any time of day while offering a hip, casual vibe. Hell, you can even order a side of mini waffles to go with your main course of waffles, we won’t judge. 

brunch-torontoLooking For: The Perfect Brunch Burger

You aren’t willing to commit to just breakfast, or just lunch… you want the perfect marriage between the two. Which brings us to the infamous brunch burger, a dangerously satisfying Sunday brunch meal (and threat to your arteries) when done just right.

For a Toronto renowned breakfast burger, check out The Farmhouse Tavern. Their version is made up of fresh, ground chuck and topped with homemade bacon, goat cheese, a fried duck egg, lettuce and a signature ‘special sauce’, accompanied by a generous side of thick-cut fries.

brunch-torontoLooking For: Vegan Comfort Food

With the vegan movement rapidly spreading across Toronto, it’s no surprise to see brunch spots following suit to offer vegan versions of brunch classics.

So, for the meatless-brunchers in your group, check out the Hogtown Vegan and their unique take on deep South comfort food. Who ever said veganism meant giving up comfort food? Their menu includes entirely animal product free versions of your favourite American staples like chicken n’ waffles, mac n’ cheese and a classic Reuben.