Study Finds Men Spend More on Clothing Than Women

With February underway, men and women’s style is hotter than ever as fashion weeks kick off around the world.

Designers are preparing to share their latest collections and hopefully get the attention of stylish men and women. But when it comes to spending more on the latest styles and trends, who do you think spends the most?

The Ogilvy-owned public relations firm The Boutique surveyed 1,232 American men age 18+ in an effort to gauge their shopping habits.

And according to their survey, adult men are actually the one’s spending more money on clothing, dropping an average of $85 per month. Their female counterparts? A cool $10 less with an average of $75.

While that doesn’t seem like a huge difference (though $120 a year on duds definitely means more denim in your life), it’s relevant enough to cite the next time some stereotyping male makes a comment about how women spend too much money on clothes.

This information also demonstrates that men are beginning to take a bigger interest in personal style than in previous years.

According to Details, in just one year, overall menswear sales are expected to reach $110.3 billion, a growth rate of about 8.3 per cent. And while the women’s fashion already has its own massive market, it’s only projected to grow by 4.2 per cent.