Soon to Open Portland Variety Offers a Change of Pace on King West

Use your imagination.

The paper isn’t off the windows yet. The patio furniture isn’t waiting for you to take a seat. Not yet – but soon.

Saying that Portland Variety (587 King W.) is planning a soft opening is an understatement. For the next few days, they’re simply going to unlock their doors and see who walks in. The paper will still be covering the windows, and the restaurant portion of the space remains a few weeks away from full operation, but the sleek, Italian-style stand-up coffee bar (we believe it’s only the second in the city to feature a Modbar espresso system) will be waiting to serve you. Not only that, but co-owner Milton Nunes will be baking up the same specialty treats that helped make him and his former shop, Le Gourmand, famous throughout the city. 

The concept behind Portland Variety, Nunes explains, is simple. It’s a bakery and Cafe in the morning (opening at 7am), a grab-and-go lunch spot in the afternoon, and a fun restaurant to enjoy some approachable sharing plates at night. It’s meant to be a place you can relax, unwind, and not worry about rushing out. So you might say that even though it’s on King W., it’s not behaving like it. 

The food is tapas-meets-comfort with as much as possible being brought fresh from Simcoe County farms straight to the table. These dishes are full of different styles of comfort food from around the world and ones that are intended for sharing. mac n’ cheese with lobster, grilled octopus, cassava fries, wild shrimp, and ravioli with ricotta, quail egg, and Iberico pancetta are just a few of the items you’ll find on the eclectic menu. 

So like we said, use your imagination. 

Imagine 70 patio seats on King W. Imagine sipping on a gourmet coffee while people watching through floor to ceiling windows. Imagine it’s summer and you have somewhere new to go.

Actually, scratch that – you don’t have to imagine any more. 

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)

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