Single? Why Not Cook and Date?

We were recently invited to join 20 singles from around the Montreal area for a buzzed about group event that happens quite often called “CookandDate.” Singles events tend to have a stigma attached to them as usually being cheesy, or having quite an unappealing crowd, so we came prepared with, let’s say, lowered expectations. Yet, Were we every bit surprised. 

Not only were the people in attendance cool young professionals, but the event itself was a total blast. Since its inception in 2007, it remains the only concept and franchise of its kind in North America. Thousands of professional singles between the ages of 25 to 60 regularly attend CookandDate events.

The series currently collaborates with a roster of renowned restaurateurs, including Toronto chef Paul Boehmer, owner of several acclaimed restaurants, and Tarandeep Sekhon of the Muskoka Bay Club; Montreal’s Ristorante Buonanotte, Koko and the Opus Hotel, as well as Ateliers & Saveurs; cookbook authors and instructors Maria Loggia and Franca Mazza; Food Network Canada and Cooking Channel USA chefs Chuck Hughes and Nadia G, as well as 18 other reputed chefs, caterers and sommeliers. 

The classes offer a huge range of cuisines suited for every taste, including Italian, French, Greek, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian, Kenyan, Caribbean, Middle-Eastern and South American, as taught by restaurant chefs and caterers.

Here’s how it all works: All the guests arrive prior to the cooking to share a cocktail, network, get to know each other and socialize. After the initial hour, the invited chef from a well-known restaurant or catering service prepares a meal with the help of all the guests. This is where it gets really fun, as jokes, innuendos of all sorts, and the occasional food fights start. It is also the time to see which of us really need follow-up classes… let’s just say we weren’t the only ones!

After the meals are prepared, the socializing continues, the cocktails keep flowing, and new friendships or potential love matches start coming about. The night is finished off with the grand sit-down meal that can go late into the night…especially if the crowd is a cheerful one, which we had the pleasure of keeping company. 

The head honcho and brain child of this operation is the lovely and extremely approachable Cristina Mucciardi, who also recently added options to host CookandDate corporate events offering more team building activities inspired by the Food Network and NBC including Iron Chef, Chopped, Minute To Win It, Ultimate Cake Off, Top Chef, Secret Pantry, and Dessert Wars to name a few. Beats a company lunch any day! 

For more information on CookandDate, visit them online.