Saturday Night Live Exhibition Opens in New York

You now have another reason to hit New York City this summer – especially if you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live.

And really, who isn’t?

On the heels of the show’s 40th anniversary, “Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition” has just opened in Manhattan. It’s located on Fifth Avenue, about a dozen blocks south of the current SNL headquarters.

If you’ve ever wondered how each show is put together in just six days, you’ll have your answer once you’ve worked your way through the immersive experience.

The exhibit is the creation of Premiere Exhibitions, Broadway Video, the producer of Saturday Night Live, and, of course, the show’s creator, Lorne Michaels.

It’s filled with props, costumes, and other memorable artifacts from SNL’s last four decades. Meaning, you’ll stumble upon things you’ll remember from your pre-teen years when you were finally allowed to stay up for the show’s 11:30pm airtime, as well as finds from some of your favourite recent broadcasts.

This includes things like Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake’s matching outfits from their famous “Dick in a Box” video, and – wait for it – Wayne and Garth’s couch (yes, you can actually sit on it).

Other highlights include a mock-up of the TV control room, a simulation of a live broadcast simulation by Tina Fey, Lorne Michaels’ desk, and behind-the-scenes photographs. It also features a nostalgic collection of documents that includes original scripts, and a Mailgram drafted months before the debut of SNL that outlines Michaels’ ideas for the show.

Going way back, guests can check out the show’s first “home base” set from the first few months of SNL. You’ll also find full-scale sets, like those for the Church Lady skits (along with Dana Carvey’s Church Lady costume), Celebrity Jeopardy, and even the weekend update desk.

The best part about the show still being on the air is that the curators can grab stuff from the show each week for display.

You already know that New York’s always a good idea – now it’s an even better one.

All photos courtesy of SNL/NBC