Samsung Takes Bedtime Stories to the Next Level With Virtual Reality

There was always something magical about bedtime stories.

Now, Samsung has taken them to a whole new level with the Bedtime VR Stories app, which is designed for Samsung’s Gear virtual reality headsets.

Both the parent and child wear a headset and become immersed in the fairytale themselves in a mystical virtual reality world where the child not only reads along to the text, but interacts with their parent as well.

It completely transforms the bedtime story experience (and likely give you some pretty vivid dreams as well) as it brings the story to life and also provides a way for children to connect with travelling parents.

Admittedly, it’s actually a little terrifying. The traditional bedtime story (with actual books) is one of the few simple childhood pleasures that has remained virtually unchanged for decades – and there’s something nice about that. When bedtime is supposed to represent a time for your child to unwind and relax, this seems like a lot of stimulation before hitting the sheets. Furthermore, there have been countless warnings about staring at LCD lights right before bed because it can negatively impact sleep.

Either way, it could take some time before the product hits the market – it’s currently being tested with select families in the UK.

Check out the heartstring-tugging video for yourself and try not to feel a tad jealous (and slightly terrified).