Romados in Montreal

Every city needs a rotisserie chicken spot that never disappoints and brings your take out experience to new levels. In Montreal, young professionals who crave Portuguese rotisserie – or churrasco-style – take-out after a hard day at the office, Romados is the spot to go (not to mention if you show up to a potluck armed with Romados you will undoubtedly be the belle/beau of the ball). This Portuguese bakery and chicken shack, located on Rachel East in the trendy Plateau neighbourhood, not only serves up authentic Portuguese cuisine but they also sell local beer and have become a hot spot to see and be seen in Montreal. Just one word of caution, don’t expect fancy: this place is a hole in the wall.

Romados redefines value. Not only are they famous for the quality and authenticity of their food, but they are also notable for their low prices and large portions. Aside from the standard quarter, half, or whole chicken with chips, it is also worthwhile trying some of their bakery items. We recommend the warm, delicate Pastel De Nata dusted with caramelized powdered sugar (served just out of the oven) for dessert. Additionally, make sure you order your chicken with their famous spicy oil, for two reasons: first, it’s notable, trust us; and second, it’s actually not that spicy but the added taste is a must.

When the lowest review on any online food website given to a restaurant is four stars, you know you are in for a treat. Make sure next time you have a craving for rotisserie you drop by Romados and experience the best Portguese that Montreal has to offer. There are few places on earth you can eat for two, and eat well, for under $20. Romados Rotisserie, 115 Rachel East, Montreal.

Image courtesy bokchoi/flickr.