Powerful Illustrations Highlight Unrealistic Expectations Women Face Every Day

“Frigid,” “bitch,” “basic,” “slut”– these are just some of the labels women contend with.

Women are often faced with an overload of contradictions, mixed messages, and double standards when it comes to how they “should” behave.

London-based artist and fashion designer Daisy Bernard wanted to show the contradictory way women are judged in the workplace, relationships, and sex, so she created a series of powerful illustrations to highlight the issue.

“Women are being told to take off their burkinis and undress on the beach,” wrote Bernard in an article for The Tab. “But at the same time, we should keep ourselves covered up, and shouldn’t show too much skin. These ridiculous expectations are created usually by men, and in many cases by other women too.”

Some of the contradictions include “You’re frigid,” vs. “You’re a slut,” and “Show off your assets” vs. “Leave something to the imagination.” Check them out below:

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