Pho So 1: Some of Calgary’s Best Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese food is a favourite amongst many Calgarians. No matter what neighborhood you find yourself in, you can generally track down the local spot. But if you’re looking for some of the best in the city, we suggest you head to Pho So 1 (1609 Centre St. N). This little eatery serves up some of the most delicious Vietnamese food in all of Alberta, so far as we’re concerned.

The room is long and narrow with entrances on both ends (there is ample parking behind or on the street) and it’s quite common to receive a pleasant greeting from the owner when coming in.

Their menu is extensive and offers a great selection of typical Vietnamese dishes but, ultimately, we came for the pho and were beyond impressed. The wor wonton soup is always fresh and seasoned just right with crisp veggies and lots of delicate wontons, while the beef flank soup is perfectly spiced. Their large soup – a bargain at $7.25 – receives our satisfaction guaranteed approval. 

Of course you can’t go for Vietnamese without indulging in spring rolls. Pho So 1 prides itself on fresh food preparation, boasting handmade crispy spring rolls topped off with a chef-prepared hoisin sauce. Pho So 1’s specialty beverages are the perfect complement to any order; try the Vietnamese iced coffee or three-bean drink (yellow and black beans with green strips of jello, crushed ice and coconut cream).

Perhaps best of all is that Pho So 1 delivers, which is perfect if you are looking for a quiet night in with a bowl of pho after an exhausting (and productive) workday. Call 403-230-7472. 

Image courtesy Creative Commons.