Partying at The Addisons: Big Murder Won Halloween

We told you it was going to be a party not to miss.

The hot, sold out event this past Halloween Weekend was our very own “Murder Mystery at the Addisons Residence,” which went down on Friday night at the new Wellington St. hotspot.

The sprawling venue was a natural choice for a good, old-fashioned murder mystery – it’s modeled after a retro Beverly Hills home, after all. And – we’ve said it before – house parties make for the best Halloween parties.

Costume-clad guests filed into the Addisons Residence at 7pm; ready to tap into their inner detective skills thanks to the multi-tiered murder mystery by Big Time Murder.

The murder mystery – complete with plot turns, gunshots, a shootout, people dropping dead, and even singing and dancing – not only served as a unique entertainment experience, but a completely interactive one that brought strangers together. It didn’t take long for the partygoers, many of whom didn’t know one another beforehand, to start interacting and comparing notes in their quest to figure out “who done it.”

The evidence and questioning combined led a good 20 people to guess the murder correctly.

As an added bonus, murder mystery guests received a glass of Thalia Red Syrah or Thalia White Sauvignon Blanc and dinner thanks to the beloved Food Dudes with their ticket. This included their BBQ Chicken Supreme, the Garlic Spun Mashed Potato, the Israeli Cous Cous salad, a green salad, and a homemade cookie platter.

Naturally, the food was so good we would have shown up for it alone.

Those who couldn’t get your act together in time for the murder mystery still joined in the Halloween fun once the murder mystery wrapped around 9:30pm, when a young professional-filled Halloween house party kicked off.

During the party portion, guests enjoyed board games like 80s and 90s Trivia and Jenga, while some took in the World Series game that was broadcast on some of the venue’s many television sets. Others, of course, chose to mix and mingle with other guests over cocktails (and vodka shots).

The place remained packed until late into the evening. After all, when it comes to a party at The Addisons, nobody is ever worried about overstaying their welcome.