Opening Soon: Wildflower

The last time Reza Abedi, Matty Tsoumaris, and Mike Kimel joined forces, they unleashed Cobra Nightclub, a venue key to the much embraced spread of electronic music to the once dryer pockets of a growing King West scene. Now they’re back with another project and while its name might be a tad softer, it’s gonna pack plenty more bite.

Taking over the 1812 Lounge in The Thompson Hotel, Wildflower is looking not only to transform a space, they’re looking to bring a whole new theme to our city’s party venues.

“When you see it…you’re not going to believe your eyes. We’re doing something completely different here,” says Reza, one of the people behind Bloke & 4th and EFS.

Matty Tsoumaris, who has opened places like the original West, Valdez (formerly Cheval, along with Kimel) and the more recent Citizen, is confident that the raw, vibrant atmosphere and design will resonate powerfully with the Toronto crowd:

“The space we tried to build combines TO’s biggest street artists with its best designers. If you ask any designer every place in the city looks the same; old contemporary style that’s been done over and over…we’ve taken the tone in a different direction and added street pop art to give it an authentic ‘streets of TO’ feel.”

The soft opening, reserved for VIP and friends of the ownership team, is this weekend and will feature DJ Ms.Lefki from Athens, a staple in the world-renown Mykonos electronic scene.

Doors officially open to everyone next Thursday, November 27th.

And you’d better believe we already have an exclusive Notable event in the works. So if you want to get an official invite leave your details below and you could here back from us very soon.

In the meantime, prepare to get pretty and to get fierce; Wildflower will accept nothing less.


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