Ontario Student’s Course Teaches Taxes, Networking, and Work-Life Balance

How many times have you found yourself in an unfamiliar adult situation and bemoaned not having learning about it in school?

Like, why am I forming parabolas when learning the basics of money management would be a much more useful endeavour?

Indeed, high school education leaves most students below a reasonable threshold of preparedness for life beyond those Brandon-is-a-narc-scribbled walls.

That’s why one Ontario student, 16-year-old Austin Chan, created “What You Didn’t Learn in School” (WYDLIS). WYDLIS is an online course that “teaches all the necessary skills to become a successful adult.” It’s a course probably every Millennial currently hovering somewhere between turmoil and success wish they had before graduating.

The syllabus is stacked with lessons some of us are only now – well into our 20s and 30s – beginning to take seriously. Notable examples include career essentials like job interviews, networking, and how to present yourself. There are also plenty of social teachings: conversation skills, building confidence, and how to handle rejection. And, of course, there is advice on money: investments, saving, and how to make it.

Rounding out the course are classes on well-being, which include stress management, healthy habits, and sleep. Sign me up immediately.

“Being able to foresee the future where these students learn these skills at an early age is what wakes us up in the morning,” reads the course website. “There is a chance to make a difference in the world, we are on the brink of doing so.”

WYDLIS is expected to launch in August of this year.