On Our Radar: Chill Ice House

Is it possible that the hottest place in the city could soon be made of ice? Luckily, we’re not here to spend time on paradoxes, we’re just here to tell you about the 1,300 sq ft ice lounge that’s coming to King and Bathurst this spring. We spoke to Nic Bayley from Chill Ice House to get the details and it is going to be exactly what it sounds like – a cool place to head to no matter what time of year it is. How cool exactly? How about between -5°C and -10°C. This isn’t just for show though; nearly everything inside will be made of ice, which is why you’ll be supplied with a parka whenever you decide to step inside.

Stockholm, Milan, London, Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Oslo are just some of the other world-class cities with ice lounges made by Iceculture, the same team behind this frosty bar being built in our fair city. Since your glass will literally be made of ice, it would seem Chill Ice House, besides soon becoming the largest year-round ice lounge in the world, will also be rendering the expression ‘on the rocks’ rather redundant. We’re not complaining. 

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