Studiotec: The 20 Minute Miracle Workout

Walking through Studiotec‘s glass doors is like entering a scene right out of the Matrix. Forget treadmills, spin bikes and barbells. This futuristic training facility gleams with sleek minimalism: black spandex, glossy white consoles, and modern training suits that make you feel like Iron Man. As this cutting-edge European concept makes its mark in Westmount Square, Montrealers have been buzzing about the future of fitness.  

The Workout
Studiotec, powered by XBody, is all about efficiency. Minimum time, maximum results. An appointment at the studio guarantees you a personal trainer that will strap you into your XBody suit, plug you in to the master console, and guide you through a 20-minute series of exercises (think bicep curls, calf raises, and planks). Throughout your workout, 16 electrodes within the suit stimulate your muscles at four second intervals. It’s a full-body workout at your muscles’ maximum capacity, making 20 minutes equivalent to around four hours lifting weights at your regular gym. Sound too good to be true? Don’t chalk up this workout to the latest fitness fix; this is no 20-minute walk in the park. Throughout your workout, your trainer can modify the impulse intensity in each part of your body – the stronger the impulse, the harder your muscles have to fight against it. Just like any workout, you get out what you put in. (No hurt, no big shirt!)  

The Technology
It’s definitely something to wrap your head around. Electrical impulses and involuntary contractions sound like pseudoscience at best, but the reality is that the very same EMS (electrical muscular stimulation) technology has been used for decades as a vital training and recovery tool for athletes. So how does EMS training help you get wonderfully trimmed and toned? At a standard gym, a crunch requires your brain to send an electrical impulse, or “contract signal,” to your abs. A bicep curl requires that same signal be sent to your biceps. Now imagine your brain could tell your arms to do bicep curls at the same time as it told your quads to do squats, your pecs to do push-ups, your glutes to do lunges, all while telling your abs to hold a perfect plank. This is the essence of the Studiotec workout. The electrodes within the XBody suit enable you to contract all your muscles at once, so that each and every muscle is working (seriously working!) the entire time. What’s more, the technology reaches deeper muscle fibres, allowing you to work muscles that you can’t hit with your regular workout routine.  

The Results 
Can a 20-minute semi-weekly workout really power up your pecs and tighten your tush? “You just have to try it once to feel the difference,” says Studiotec Director of Training Carlie, whose history includes 16 years as a personal pilates instructor (and a gravity-defying derrière). “It doesn’t just tone you faster,” she explains. “You can target specific areas, lengthen muscles, and really shape each body individually.” In fact, the Studiotec workout will give you results beyond a stronger, slimmer physique. Expect increased blood circulation, back pain relief, better posture, increased energy, and enhanced sleep, along with a long list of other health benefits. With its unique targeting ability, deep reach, and ease on joints, Studiotec can also accommodate injuries and speed up recovery time. Still not convinced? Strap up and plug in to a truly super-charged workout. Your abs will thank you in the morning!

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