Notably Italian: Borgo Trattoria

Borgo Trattoria opened its doors on 17th Avenue, bringing YPs another great spot to hit up for a night out. The brainchild of Capo chef and owner Giuseppe Di Gennaro, This place has hit the mark when it comes to casual, affordable, yet amazing Italian food.

The minute you walk through the front door you can’t help but be amazed by the interior. The space features high ceilings in the front, a large bar in the middle, and intimate tables throughout. The high ceilings allow in a ton of natural light while the farther back you go the more intimate the space starts to feel.

But it is definitely the food that will keep you coming back. Italian dining is all about family style, and Borgo has taken this approach and added a modern twist. Served ‘sharable style’, everything on their menu is priced by the piece or the serving. Not sure which appetizer to decide on? No need to choose just one. You can order as few or as many pieces of most depending on the size of your party or your stomach. We definitely recommend trying the risotto balls.

Ready for round two? The pastas and meat dishes are priced according to the serving size, giving you an opportunity to really create a meal the way you want it.

No meal is complete without something viscous to wet the palette. At Borgo you won’t be disappointed. The wine list has been well thought out in relation to the menu and the clientele, while the cocktail list is innovative and has you dreaming of warm Italian nights.

One of the best things about Borgo is that it’s not just a dinner spot. They open at 7:30am everyday making it a noteworthy destination for those early morning coffee meetings. Who doesn’t want to discuss a big project while nibbling on fresh baked delicacies?

The lunch menu is great and diverse enough that you can pop in for a quick bite or stay for a leisurely meal. Missed the lunch hour? Borgo is amazing to spend an afternoon with friends or colleagues sipping a glass of wine and indulging in a little nibble off their Cicheti (small bites) menu.

Of course, it is the evenings that really get bumping. Already a favourite of locals, you will see an eclectic crowd of Calgary’s who’s who. Borgo is bound to become one of the hottest spots on 17 Avenue. Check Borgo out on Facebook and Twitter.