Notable Tips for a Happy Young Professional Holiday

As fun and exciting as this time of year usually is, for many it can also be stressful and hard to handle. For young professionals in particular, the holiday season can put extra strain on our minds and bodies, as we must work even harder to maintain that important balance between work and fun. So, to ensure that you have a happy YP holiday this year, we offer you these notable tips: 

Avoid family confrontations
The holidays can be a very emotionally charged time of the year. For some it can be exciting and joyous, while for others it can be sad and lonely. Mix in the usual dose of alcoholic cheer, and this can create some very dramatic family gatherings. Your best bet is to avoid bringing up that beef with your uncle, or the money your cousin owes you, until after the holidays. Keep the mood light at your family festivities and save the drama for the sober light of the New Year. 

Don’t eat like a pig. Don’t drink like a fish.
This one is obvious; nearly each and every one of us say this nearly each and every year. And yet, how many end up over-doing it? With so many treats floating around at the office and at home, and so many parties to attend, the temptation to indulge, and indulge some more, is stronger at this time of year than any other. Of course we should partake in the holiday goodness, we deserve it, but the trick is to cut out that impulsive “indulge some more” part.  We are mature young professionals; there is no need to go overboard. Set yourself some boundaries in terms of cookies and cocktails before you head out to your holiday festivities… and stick to them. 

Keep up with health and wellness routines
Additionally, it is also important to keep up with any physical, mental, spiritual etc. routines. During these times of over indulgence and possibly high stress, keeping up with our good habits becomes even more essential. Understandably, it may be difficult to get to the gym or yoga studio during the holidays, particularly with limited business hours, but this doesn’t mean we should take a full hiatus from health and wellness. Consider heading out to a nearby park for a nice winter jog or some playground plyometrics. Turn your room into a quiet space for some in-home meditation or journal writing. While it may be tougher to stick to your usual regimen, there are always ways to keep up with wellness, even during the busy holiday season.

Give Back
Christmas is a wonderful time to donate your time, talents, or treasures. While some people can feel overwhelmed with the idea of charity work, remember that giving back doesn’t have to mean volunteering at inner-city homeless shelters or building homes in South America (although those are fabulous options). Giving back can be as easy as taking a shelter dog for a walk, collecting food items at your office Christmas party, or simply clicking the mouse to donate to your favourite charity online. Whatever degree of charitable activity you choose to partake in this holiday season, just be sure to do something.  We are very fortunate to live where and as we do, and it is part of our duty as YPs (and humans) to help those in need, especially at this time of year. 

Don’t drink and drive
In “Drivers Ed for the Young Professional” we hooked you up with links to some of the best driver-alternative services across the country. During the holiday season, many Canadian cities have even more of these services that take both you and your car home. With these services, in addition to taxis, buses, and other modes of public transportation, there is just no reason to ever drink and drive. Make your plan/reservation ahead of time so that you can be sure that your night flows smoothly and that you get home safe and sound. There is no easier way to ruin Christmas for you and your family than by getting a DUI, arrested, or worse.

Earlier this month we talked about the important issue of avoiding the holiday “obli-cation”. This is just one of the things we YPs should consider when working to ensure we get all we can out of our beloved holidays. Whether you get two weeks or two days, be sure to spend your time off enjoying the things and people you truly love. We work hard, and occasions like these are a big part of our reward.