Notable Super Bowl Options in Toronto

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or averse to anything physical, there’s just something about Super Bowl Sunday that gets even the most dissuaded excited. The hefty price tag that comes with a flight, hotel, and ticket to the Indianapolis game is less than desirable, but luckily there are many key spots in the city to watch the glory of the pigskin play-day. So, where will you be beer-ing it up come kick off on the 5th…?

For the Hardcore Fan
The NFL is hosting an official Super Bowl XLVI party at select cities in the Great White North this year, and of course Toronto is one of the lucky metropolises. The Sound Academy is the venue, replete with an HD viewing experience, and the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders will be on-hand alongside Big Wreck (who will perform), NFL stars, and some tailgate food inspired by the two competing cities. Doors open at 4pm, but we’re guessing there might be, don’t know, one of those “line” things everyone seems to complain about.

For the In-the-Thick-of-It Fan
RealSports is a favourite spot for large-scale sports watching, so it should come as no surprise that many of TO’s more affluent bunch will be hunkering down at the DT South joint. The big screen above the bar is – what’s the word? – MASSIVE, and RealSports has a pretty rad beer selection and some awesome upscale pub grub.

For the Beer Connoisseur
Bier Markt is hosting Zupa Bowl at its three locations, which is essentially the Super Bowl in the vein of Oktoberfest. Promising “Bier, Brats, and ze Big Game,” it’s a great spot for those who take their sports with a pint of Delirium Tremens. (It was voted World’s Best Beer a few times, look it up.) 

For the Cheese-Lover
Yes, even grilled cheese haven CHEESEWERKS is hosting some Super Bowl XLVI fun. Artisan nachos and beer – or pretty much any kind of grilled cheese you can think of – are the cornerstones at this event, the perfect compliment to the Indianapolis showdown.

For the American Commercials Seeker
The Projection Booth on Gerrard Street East is screening the game for free in their cinema, and they’re promising the American feed with all of those ridiculously overpriced commercials so renowned during the football season finale. Bonus: Lager is five bucks all night long.

For the Queen West Hipster
Head on over to Queen West institution Parts and Labour, where you’ll get some tailgate food with a twist – Vegan Chili Fries, American-style Double Cheeseburgers, Chicken Wings, etc. – and of course some Blanche de Chambly. 

For the Tech-o-phile
Go to any bar, pub, restaurant, lounge that you like, regardless of the presence of a TV. Turn on your fully-charged iPhone. Watch. Why? Because you have the inherent need to show off the mad skills of your smartphone!