Notable Poll: What’s the Best Yoga Studio in Toronto?

There’s a reason you own Lululemon pants.

Sure, you might deny it to be cool, but sliding into a comfortable pair so you can get your yoga on is a favourite activity of so many people in this city that you’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t break out a sun salutation on a second’s notice. 

So we expect this week’s poll to be as competitive as any non-competitive sport can be. People love to stretch and bend and breathe, but even more so they really love where they do it.

Take a look at our suggestions below and if you have somewhere else in mind simply select ‘other’, enter the name, enter your best Namaste joke, and we’ll count up every vote when all is said and done.



Your high-end downtown option. Boutique included.

Downward Dog
This is where yoga teachers go to practice – if you can’t do the splits or a headstand, you’re probably going to be intimated.

Octopus Garden
The beautiful hipster of the bunch. Pretty, cool, and great food, too.

Fusion, dance, tradition, and flow – this is about getting fit.

An extremely welcoming environment with a broad range of inclusive classes to match.

Y Yoga
The new kid on the block, offering 130 classes a week and new-age amenities like an infrared sauna.

Bikram Yoga Beaches
Is there a better place to sweat than near the beach? Pair this workout with a cool-down in the nearby lake.

Our choice would be the downtown location but you can vote for any of them.

Your Liberty Village escape. Get your happy baby pose on alongside a slew of other young professionals. 

You know all the cool places, don’t you?


This Poll is now closed, click here to see the winner.



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