Notable Patio Series: The Lounge

Patio time is precious for us Canadians. This summer, we have already brought you our favourite patio pubs across the country. We now focus our attention to the patio lounge. You know, the perfect spot for those warm evenings that start early (and probably end late) with friends and coworkers. When the refined lounge environment is moved outdoors, it offers a distinctly special summer experience. Here are some of our favourite lounges across the country right now, sourced, tried and tested by yours truly and Aveleda Wines.

For a conversation-filled gathering with friends, coworkers and visitors, we hit DEQ at the Ritz Carlton, especially on Thursdays or Fridays after work. It features super comfortable, pillow-filled couches, an open fire pit and some of the best mojitos Toronto has to offer, along with a selection of artistic cocktails built by some of the city’s most seasoned mixologists. Be warned: if you’re looking to romantically mix and mingle or professionally network, it isn’t always the most conducive to this, but makes a great place to go with a group to enjoy civilized banter with the CN Tower and green Simcoe Park as a backdrop.
181 Wellington St. 

New City Gas is a no-brainer this summer when it comes to an evening with the ladies or the guys. You’ll never find this patio sparsely populated (unless, of course, it’s raining), which lends itself nicely for mingling with like-minded young people. Located in the trendy up-and- coming Griffintown district in a cool, industrial neighbourhood, the party can always be heard from a mile away. Giving a whole new meaning to Montreal happy hour, the after-work party has a Miami-type vibe that makes you feel like you’re not in the city. Yes, it’s a tad more ambitious than your typical post-work cocktail sipping scene, but it’s worth checking out before the warm summer evenings become a thing of the past.
950 Rue Ottawa

The Living Room is a go-to for flowing cocktails and conversation for Calgary’s young connected set. Set back from the hubbub of 17th Avenue’s sidewalk, the cozy setting features tables with patio heaters and a fireplace. Offering a well-received interactive addition to a gathering of friends or coworkers are the unforgettable cheese or chocolate fondues. In fact, most of the cuisine is interactive, providing a great option for a first date as well. The place is airy and spacious, but be sure to make reservations just in case. An added bonus? The kitchen is open until midnight seven days of the week.
514 17 Ave. S.W. 

On the west coast, Rosewood Hotel’s Reflections offers a great place to head for post-work patio drinks. Located on the 3rd floor of the Rosewood Hotel in Vancouver’s downtown core, it channels California-cool vibes and is an oasis of sorts set amidst all the business towers. YPs can unwind at any one of their lounge tables or score a cabana perfect for people watching. It features award-winning mixologists who serve up some of the city’s best cocktails. Bring business cards, as it’s a preferred destination for major players in the city – if you’re looking to rub elbows with that crowd and perhaps network your way to a promotion.
801 W. Georgia Street

Cover Image: Reflections Vancouver