New iOS 9 Features Include Guessing Who Any ‘Unknown Caller’ Is

Your iPhone will soon get a little smarter.

Apple is currently making changes to iOS 9 that will make your devices much more hands-on than they already are.

Among the changes, you’ll be able to insert your headphones into your iPhone and your phone will recognize the headphones and pull up a “Now Playing” screen. Of course, this will replace having to pull up your music each time you’re in need of some tunes.

Allowing for easier screening of phone calls, the phone will now also inform you of the identity of those mystery numbers, so that you don’t find yourself in a potentially awkward situation if you decide to answer. The system suggests who the caller may be by scanning your email.

So, basically, it only works if the unidentified caller has sent you an email. But if they haven’t, all the more reason to ignore the call and wait for a potential voice message, right?

For the perpetually late set, you’ll soon have little excuse for your tardiness. The iOS 9 will suggest a precise time you should leave if you don’t want to be late to an upcoming event.

The new system will also reportedly offer up to four hours of extra battery life. It adds an extra hour to the iPhone’s battery life, and an additional low-power mode will add another three hours of iPhone battery life.

iOS 9 will support all devices currently running iOS 8, and will be available as a free update in September.