Myrtle Beach is Putting the Loonie on a Par With the U.S. Dollar to Entice Canadians

Sure, it’s not Hawaii.

But for those of us who were hoping for a trip to America any time soon, Myrtle Beach offers a chance to even the score (and lower our credit card bills) on our flagging loonie.

If you’re still reeling from the low Canadian dollar and too afraid to head stateside, the South Carolina vacation destination is here to tempt you with a promotion that seeks to put things back on par. Literally.

Their “Dollar for Dollar Deals” is a promotion that runs until April 30, giving Canadians a marked-down rate on their holidays that hopes to make our dollars a match for the American equivalent.

Because it turns out we’re not alone in our misery – with the crash of our currency, tourism in the States has also taken a dip. According to the Canadian Press, tourism in the U.S. was down by 9 per cent in 2015 compared to the same period in 2014.

And while it’s still a handy destination for Canadians (being much closer than more distant and exotic shorelines), the hike in prices on restaurant bills and hotels have seen many of us look homeward for our next vacation. (Check out Trip Advisor’s 25 Best Canadian Hotels if you need some inspiration.)

Select hotels will be offering discounts (some up to 55 per cent) and so too will live entertainment, attractions, and restaurants (as much as 30 per cent).

Canadians can save as much as 35 per cent on Oceanfront rentals, or 25 per cent on visits to The Prince Resort, among many other reductions.

“We have been welcoming Canadians to the Myrtle Beach area for decades and hope this promotional solution will help overcome any financial hurdles caused by the exchange rate,” the Myrtle Beach Area CVB Susan Phillips said in The Toronto Star.

Travel must occur between now and April 30 2016 and you’ll need to provide you Canadian ID.

Fittingly, the Can-Am Days festival, the 55th annual Canadian-American celebration along the Grand Strand, will take place during the deal period, from March 12-20, 2016.

And hopefully now there’ll even be some visitors north of the border to uphold the festival’s namesake.