Must Try: La Salle a Manger

La Salle a Manger is one of those places that are simply plain and cool.  Notable amongst the young professional community, this is the type of edgy foodie place where you can go to enjoy a notable dinner with friends, or rock the socks off of potential clients. Either way, you will not be disappointed in this choice, whether it’s for a fun night out or for a professional dinner – so keep this on your list for both.

Located on Mount Royal East, in the heart of the Plateau, this corner restaurant has an open kitchen run by tattooed-up chefs doing classy refined food – an oxymoron to be reckoned with. Opened for our enjoyment by Reservoir chef Samuel Pinard, this microbrasserie offers up insane dishes in a wide open space, fit with a windowed meat cooler and some of the hottest and coolest staff around.

The menu is peppered with some of the best high-end comfort food in the city. To name a few of our favorites, we must start with the salmon gravlax with grilled vegetables in a citrus and fennel dressing. Another popular appetizer is their fois gras on a piece of bread, and don’t leave without trying their pulled pork and duck (done Peking-style) served with hoisin sauce and a cumber salad. For all our vegetarian readers, Salle a Manger has not forgotten about you. They offer a full vegetarian section with popular dishes like their mushroom feta pappardelle pasta and their mushroom tart with Spanish onions. Heading into their meat selections (for us, this is where they really shine), we are absolutely head over heels for their veal burger served with a beet salad and French fries. From their fish selection, our leading dish is their salmon saisi. They also have a great selection of fresh oysters at all times, and an unbelievable house ceviche (chosen weekly based on freshness).

Simply put, La Salle A Manger is just a really hot and cool place to be. You can’t walk in without seeing some of the coolest Montrealers, sipping on great wine and eating good food.  There is something to be said about a restaurant that offers both amazing cuisine and a cool atmosphere – somewhere fun to spend an entire evening if you so choose.

Photo courtesy La Salle a Manger