Must Try: Glory Hole Doughnuts

All hail the Glory Hole…Doughnuts, that is. The foodie favourite that has made a name for itself – aside from its somewhat salacious moniker that is – has finally opened up a stand-alone Parkdale spot. Which means, dear notables, that you can get your gourmet doughnut fix pretty much daily without having to chase Glory Hole Doughnuts down at events, pop-ups, and the like. 

The new spot, located at 1596 Queen Street West, is the perfect locale to showcase the glory of these treats. Here you’ll find amazing flavours of these glorious ‘holes’, ranging from deliciously simple Cinnamon Sugar to Lemon with a bit of curd. Or the outlandish Granola and Yogurt (that’s right, think of it like a breakfast parfait but doughnut-style) and the amazingly attractive Banana Cream Pie. The flavours change all the time, so be sure to check in often to get your sweet fix.

What sets Glory Hole Doughnuts apart from its competition is the whimsy with which they make their creations. These doughnuts are a meal in and of themselves, and should be enjoyed as such. Hike on over to Parkdale and understand, in more ways than one, why people absolutely adore these Glory Holes.

Curious about the inspiration? Read our YEDaily feature on Glory Hole Founder Ashley Jacot De Boinod here.