How to Change Your Mood in Five Minutes

Sometimes in our often chaotic, almost always challenging young professional lives, there is no room, time or patience for bad moods. No matter how annoying our commute was, how much our significant other got on our nerves in the morning or how sleep deprived we may be, we need to be “on” and pleasant, especially when dealing with clients, co-workers and other industry professionals. Here are some tips to improve even the worst of moods within minutes.

Our breathing usually gets quicker when we get stressed. Take a time out from everything to ground yourself and breathe. Taking slow and steady breaths by inhaling deeply through the nose and releasing it slowly though the lips will reduce your levels of anxiety, stress and temper, as it centers you and slows your heart rate. Furthermore, the extra oxygen will raise alertness, helping to get you through the remainder of the day. 

Play a Favourite Song
Most YPs have their iPod on them at all times, or have a library of music on their computer. The power of music to alter a mood is sometimes unmatched. Pick a song or two that reminds you of a great vacation or day spent with friends or loved ones or an upbeat “feel good” favourite that inevitably alters your mood every time you hear it. You may even start to sing along. 

Recall a memory that makes you laugh, play a short video on YouTube or send a friend a text message, reminding him or her of an inside joke that is guaranteed to inspire a humerous text message or email that you can anticipate sometime in the near future. 

Treat Yourself
Treat yourself on a simple pleasure that you can indulge in – whether a baked good in addition to your coffee, a candy bar or energy-boosting smoothie. If you’re having a really bad day, make a reservation at your favourite dinner place so that you have something to look forward to for the remainder of the workday.

Go through Your Smartphone Pictures
You have countless pictures stocked away on your Smartphone that capture important, hilarious, happy, and crazy times with the people, places and pets that you care about. When you feel as though you are so annoyed that you’re about to snap, take five minutes to go through the memories that are so easily accessible at your fingertips. 

Next time you are having a bad day, are in a really cranky mood or could just kill someone, keep these pointers in mind. Remember, it could always be worse.