Must Attend: Decadent (Food, Art, Music) Montreal

Where can you experience Montreal’s most notorious social bee’s birthday, a full sensory stimulation of food, art and music, with a mix of over 200 dinner guests in a legendary club enjoying a culinary feast by one of the food industries brightest stars? The answer is: Decadent (food, art, music).  

Now in its 8th year, Decadent was created and produced by our friend Billy Alfonso, who has now joined forces with legendary nightlife and event producers Fab Boss Productions and party aficionado Josh Silver from Hype Energy Drinks. This will be one of their most enhanced and grandiose events to showcase all forms of talent.

We spoke to Billy to get a more personal view into what guests can expect. For those of you that have never been to a Decadent event before, brace yourself for the following… 

Time Supper Club, one of the grand “poobas” of the Montreal night scene, will be hosting a group of about 200+ dinner guests that are coming together for a total cultural immersion, a sensual feast that provides world-class chefs, artists, DJs and entertainers all under one roof.

Decadent patrons are guaranteed a stimulating evening of first-class entertainment, enjoying a full four-course gourmet meal prepared by Emanuel Concas (MERCATO NYC). He’s a 3-time winner of the prestigious “Michelin’s Bib” Gourmand award.

The House Music Symphony of sound will be conducted by musically notorious DJ Angel Moraes, preempted with a smooth dinner set by legendary DJ Andy Couchman (who is celebrating a birthday as well), alongside up and coming hipster DJs Jay London and MyFriendEric.

All of this takes place while artist Robert Massy creates his artistic masterpieces right before everyone’s eyes, to be auctioned off for charity at the end. After dinner the plates are whisked away, you’ll enter “Deca-Dance” – the dance party.

What makes this Decadent even more marvelous is that it coincides with Hype Energy PR golden boy (and our dear friend) Josh Silver’s birthday. If you haven’t witnessed the kind of awesome shenanigans that go on every time Josh throws a shindig, you are in for a treat.


For a little history, the reason why Decadent came about is because Billy felt there was a demand for something more than just dinner and/or drinks. Artists were offering their services for free to have their work showcased at his parties. There was also a huge boom with the increasing popularity of chefs and cooking shows, so it only seemed natural to combine all forces. Decadent is also proud to provide a platform and, hopefully, a springboard for up and coming artists to showcase and promote their work.

The events cater to a cool and culture-savvy crowd between the ages of 20 to 50, attending religiously every time.

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Photo courtesy Decadent.