Montreal Coffee We Love Part Two: Cafe Olimpico

To the Mile End neighborhood, Cafe Olimpico (locally known as ‘Open Da Night’ or ‘Open D’) is the God of Coffee. Period. There is nowhere else suitable to go in the area for coffee, ever. Mile End neighborhoodies brave the line day in and day out for quite possibly some of the most notable coffee in Mile End area (not to mention the many who come far and wide just for their morning cappuccino). Located on trendy St. Viateur street in the heart of Mile End lies an old pub-style venue that boasts a prime terrace for all your people watching (or summer ray catching) needs.

Having survived a fire not too long ago, the ambiance has suffered, but the coffee remains the same – too good to not try, and too good to not have every day. Sometimes known to be the Anti-Starbucks, Cafe Olimpico will not cater to your special needs – they will not provide you with soy milk or skim milk, so don’t ask for it (they will probably give you a dirty look if you even try).

Originally opened in 1970, Cafe Olimpico is run by Italian men who are obsessed with soccer (the best kind), so you can expect it on the TV screens alongside a “Good Old Boys” atmosphere. The espresso is a medium Italian roast which makes it bitter, creamy, and fresh. There’s not much available for food, but they do have a collection of amazing Italian style pastries. We strongly recommend their Italian biscotti (it goes the best with their coffee). Did we mention lattes are only $2.50? Take that Starbucks! Cafe Olimpico, 124 St. Viateur West, Montreal.

Image courtesy stock.xchng.