Millennials Are Now Being Blamed for Killing the Fabric Softener Industry

Apparently, millennials don’t see the need to drop the extra dollars on fabric softener.

That’s right – whether we don’t have the extra cash, or simply don’t see the need – most millennials are washing our clothes in plain detergent and calling it a day.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sales of fabric conditioner are down by a whopping 26 per cent – and millennials are to blame.

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

According to the head of fabric care at Proctor and Gamble – the company that produces the Downey brand – most millennials don’t even know what fabric softener is.

Those who do, however, may opt against using it for the greater good of the environment. As Fortune reports, Bibie Wu, vice president of fabric conditioning for Germany’s Henkel AG, which acquired the maker of Snuggle fabric softener, thinks this may be the case.

He says millennials are “eco-conscious” and don’t want to use too many chemical products in their home.


Not to knock our own kind, but it could also be because we’re broke and have better things to spend our limited dollars on.

The good news is that there may not even be a need for it anymore. According to the Journal, the product became popular in the 1960s because laundry would come out of the washer feeling rough and scratchy. However, innovations in both detergents and washing machines have resulted in softer, snuggle-worthy clothing sans fabric softener.

So, we’ve got that.

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