Make Money Off Your Viral Videos

Think about how often you sign into Youtube.

We said think.

Chances are you use the monster of a database to search for new music, latest interviews or the hottest gossip clips? Perhaps you watch old favourites, or create new videos yourself; regardless YouTube is worked into your lifestyle in some regard.

Well now here’s a chance for you to control your videos, above and beyond having your own channel. With Videolla you can sell or resell videos and get more than just views.

Videolla is a new online site that allows users to upload videos, set charges and get paid. All you have to do is go to the Videolla site, sign up in sixty seconds and begin the madness.

Users can choose to upload personal interviews, educational resources, cooking tutorials, lectures, music, etc., with all payments being housed through PayPal. Those who pay to access your content will then pay via PayPal and Videolla will send your secured check or transfer, monthly. Oh, but don’t forget about their cut.

Other features of Videolla include ‘real-time statistics’ where users can see their sales and watch trends, unlimited storage plans and user conversion tactics. All videos have an embedded code that can also be copied and distributed to various social networks.

Shoot from your hand-held, your iPhone, your Blackberry–just make it good.

You upload the video, You set the pricing, You make money. Sounds simple? It’ll be interesting to see how copyrights are handled, and how design-ready the operating system is. Have you tried it yet? Let us know your experience. Photo courtesy of