Kits Daily

Charming and comfortable, Vancouver’s Kits Daily offers an intimate experience with the best of the best of BC’s food and wine and exceptionally gracious service. Chef/owner Brian Fowke is truly a perfectionist in the kitchen, a talented one-man show, cooking up each dish himself. He’s a guerilla chef: He shops daily, returns to the kitchen, then makes a menu of four apps, four entrées and desserts, then he posts it online and tweets it out.

One day you’ll have a medallion of Alaskan King Crab Belly, the next you’ll be treated to rare-seared Mt. Lehman Farm Duckling. Kits Daily’s assertion of “everything from scratch” isn’t the most humbling of mantras, but Chef Fowke has the goods to back up the claim.

The food being at the peak of quality and freshness isn’t the only rave-worthy aspect to Kits Daily. The wine list is formidable, and features hard-to-get BC wines that will harmonize perfectly with your meal. Because of the daily menu changes, bookmarking Kits Daily is a necessity for those young professionals who are ready to expand their culinary tastes but are still apprehensive about treading certain waters. Notable Warning: If you’re not careful, you run the risk of turning Kits into a daily addiction. Kits Daily, 1809 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver, 604-569-2741.